Trade like it's Magic...
Trade like the Wizard

Trade like it's Magic... Trade
like the Wizard

I'm Michael Hubbs


I grew up in Dallas, Texas and was born deaf. I was always passionate about sports and got into speedskating when I was ten years old. At thirteen, I began to compete competitively. And in 2014, I qualified for the US Olympic Trials. Then again in 2018. It was a dream come true. There was just one problem…

The pay sucked!

That’s when I discovered day trading. I was blown away by the potential. For the first three years, I struggled hard. Then, in 2018, I struck it big with a track record of 70% winning trades and made $22,000 in under 10 days!

Now, I help people like you develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s stock market.

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