Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes! Most of the time they would pick trading as a swing trader or long term investment. Daytrading while working full time would be very hard since it requires a lot of quick buying and selling in short amount of time. Depending on what time zone you’re in. Stock market opens at 7:30AM ET Mon-Friday so if you’re in California or Arizona, you can trade really early in the morning and you could be done in just 2 hours then head to work.

PDT= Pattern Day Trader. In USA, it means you have only 3 day trading limit per week. If you hit 4th day trading= you will be flagged and suspended for 90 days depending on what broker you use. You must have over $25,000 in your account to maintain unlimited daytrading as long as you keep it over $25,000. If you fall below $25,000 then you will automatically fall back to limited of 3 day trades a week following PDT Rules.

That would not be a good question to ask yourself. You should ask yourself this: 

  1. A) “How much do I know about the stock market or cryptocurrency?” 
  2. B) “What’s my winning rate percentage in 1 month or 6 months?”
  3. C) “How much am I willing to lose?” If you say you’re willing to lose only $100 then you should invest MAX of $100. If you’re willing to lose $500 then you should invest a MAX of $500. Nothing is guarantee in the stock market or cryptocurrency and make sure you always do your own due diligence.

No. If someone says you will not die until you’re 100 years old. Is that 100% guaranteed? Of course not. If you drive and have your seat belts on= you are 100% guaranteed to live in any accidents. You believe that? Nope. It’s not 100% guaranteed and you still could die. Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed. Same thing goes to the stock market and cryptocurrency. Your goal is to increase your skills, knowledge and confidence in the stock market and cryptocurrency to DECREASE your risk and fear. Risk management is also offered in the lesson to help you manage your risk that can increase your winning rate percentage to almost 90%. 100% is a perfect winning streak of EVERY TRADE and that is definitely NOT POSSIBLE. 

No. You will not be able to make a living by just following someone blindly. It is so important that you take lesson/courses and learn how to trade independently so you can start making a living. I have NEVER in my entire life see someone making over $20,000 in 2 weeks or $50,000 a month or $250,000 in a month following someone blindly, even professionals.  Not one.

I 100% recommend you to take The Wiz Pro’s Golden Trio Guideline in the courses/lesson to show you and help you understand when to start trading with real money. I 100% recommend you to wait until you have proven yourself of your winning rate percentage of over 70%. 70% winning rate or above is considered professional. 50% or above is definitely favorable and still good! At first, I 100% recommend to practice with papertrading which means fake money for about 1 or 2 months before you start trading real money depending on your winning rate percentage performance within 2 or 3 months.

YES! Big YES! We do offer that in the courses/lessons. I would say about 70% are based on discipline/psychology/emotions and once you master those area, your chance of winning rate percentage would skyrocket. I must admit, people who has NO EMOTIONS are going to win almost every time in the stock market or cryptocurrency. Haha!! But everyone has feelings and emotions, so obviously you cannot just turn on or off like a light. Again, more details in the courses and lessons.